Selecting the Right Pod Mod for Your Preferences

Selecting the right pod mod is important because it’s where you start with e-cigarettes. If you make a good choice, you increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. 

Pod mods have been really popular since 2017, and every company has come out with at least one. And in that case, figuring out which ones are the best can be tricky. 

But don’t worry, we are here to help. 

What is a Pod Mod

Before we begin, let’s first define what a pod mod is.

Basically, it’s a small e-cigarette that comes with everything you need. It has a battery and a special cartridge. This cartridge is what makes pod mods unique and gives them their name – because another word for a little capsule is “pod”. 

With a pod mod, you can vape e-liquids with high levels of nicotine (more about that below), which either use a nicotine base or have nicotine salts that give a smoother feeling in your throat. You can also use pod mods to vape e-liquids that contain CBD.

What are Its Benefits

The coils in pod mods, which have high resistance, allow you to use e-liquids with nicotine salts. These e-liquids have a lot of nicotine, but they don’t make your throat feel bad like some other e-liquids do. That’s why pod mods are a proven way to help you quit smoking.

Besides, pod mods are really small and light, which is great. They easily fit in your pocket and you can take them anywhere, unlike bigger e-cigarettes like box or tube mods.

The Vaping Experience with a Pod Mod

If you’re looking to create large clouds of vapor, pod mods might not be the best choice. They’re not really made for producing big clouds, though a few models can do it to some extent. 

On the other hand, if your goal is to quit smoking, pod mods will definitely meet your needs. They produce a smaller amount of vapor and use a technique called indirect inhalation. This means you first draw the vapor into your mouth, like when smoking a tobacco cigarette, and then inhale it into your lungs.

Using nicotine salt e-liquids with pod mods is also quite common. Nicotine salts are a different form of nicotine that has a smoother feel on your throat. This allows you to vape e-liquids with strong nicotine levels without the usual discomfort from regular high-nicotine e-liquids. 

This makes nicotine salts a great option for people who are sensitive to nicotine and might otherwise cough or experience irritation in their throat. 

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