Gut Microbiome and Vaping: A Contrast with Smoking

Our gut contains a bunch of bacteria called gut flora or microbiota. These bacteria, which live inside humans’ and animals’ digestive systems, are helpful when they’re balanced and assist with digesting food, keeping a healthy weight, and preventing certain health problems.
That said, cigarettes are known to harm our gut flora. Since some people think that vaping is also harmful like smoking, a recent study wanted to see if it hurts our microbiome too.
A recent study involved mice that were given a …

Tobacco Harm Reduction Linked to Recreational Marijuana Legalization

A recent study published in the Journal of Health Economics reveals that legalizing marijuana can lead to a decrease in the use of regular tobacco cigarettes. 
The researchers from Bentley University, San Diego State University, and Georgia State University used data from federal sources like the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) survey by the FDA and NIH, as well as the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) by SAMHSA. 
This study is the first to comprehensively explore how legalizing …

British Smokers’ Trust in Vapes Eroding Amid Anti-Vaping Discourse

A recent study about vaping, done by One Poll for SMOORE, showed that many smokers aren’t sure about using vaping to quit smoking. Out of 2,000 smokers surveyed, 29% only kind of trust vaping as a way to quit smoking, while 13% don’t trust it at all. 
About 35% of the participants didn’t fully trust vaping because there isn’t enough long-term research to prove it’s safe. Meanwhile, 31% were worried because there isn’t much information about how different vape devices can harm you.