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The word: Lavender Kush is not for those times that you need to get things done while you’re high. From a recreational standpoint, it’s best reserved for the end of a long work day, right before bed. From a medicinal perspective, it’s good for pain relief, and it’s obviously excellent for insomnia. With its commercially-friendly flowering time of 8-9 weeks, Lavender Kush shouldn’t be hard to come by. This is good, because it’s definitely worth keeping on hand for those late-night bedside bong-hits.



Buy lavender kush

Buy lavender kush An aesthetically very beautiful strain, Lavender Kush meanders from from light greens to pastel purples that can become quite dark in cold temperatures, all the while maintaining impressive trichome content that give this strain a fabulously frosty appearance.


The smell: Lavender Kush smells light and fruity with a kushy bottom-end.

The dry hit: Toking it before lighting it treats your taste buds to a floral delight lurking underneath the loud, kushy overtones.

The flavor: Dank and lightly sweet, Lavender Kush tastes very much as it smells: deep and dank with a hint of faintly fruity flowers in the aftertaste.

The high: Lavender Kush offers a classic indica body high that makes you relentlessly relaxed. Best not to make ambitious plans before partaking of this brain-scrambling, lazy-making delight. The slow build-up of Lavender Kush belies its powerful punch. It can knock you flat and it doesn’t take much to get there. Avoid activities that require any mental focus and you’ll free yourself to feel a comforting euphoria.  And it will completely delete any thoughts you had prior, making it an ideal choice if you’re feeling escapist.

Once this kush has run its course, it leaves the system ever-so-gently, with no mental fogginess to cloud the memory of how good that just felt.

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