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Duke Nukem is an amazing daytime cure for stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, mood swings and loss of appetite. The aroma is a pleasant blend of earthy sweetness and tropical punch with hints of skunk like scent. The strain has a delicious mint and lavender flavor and leaves an orange aftertaste. It works great for artists who have trouble focusing.



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mostly Indica
Origins: Kish x God Bud
Flowering: 49-56 days
Harvest: early October

This strain gets its name from an alien-slaying videogame character. This sativa dominant hybrid is a crossover between a female Chernobyl and a male Chemmando plant. Duke Nukem is mainly sativa (65/35 sativa/indica ratio) with a THC level of about 20%. With a flowering time of 9 – 11 weeks, this strain can thrive well indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for new growers as it is highly resistant to parasites and fungus attacks and has a medium to good yield. The buds of this potent strain are shaded with frosty orange and pink colors. A toke or two of this marijuana strain can give you a cerebral high that will uplift your mood within seconds and may induce energy and creativity, leaving you feeling giggly and happy until the effect lasts.


It is easier to grow and reaches larger sizes than her parents. her height more than doubles during the flowering cycle, and can easily reach 5 feet by harvest. Nuken can be pruned to make a good sea of green plant and is also suitable as a multi-branch plant. Her branches are thick, lessening the need for support, and her seven-leaflet foliage is a medium green.


Nuken is a Canadian native, a cross of a Kish father (see Kish) and God Bud mother.It came to Cash Crop Ken from a veteran grwoer of 30 years. Kish is double Shishkaberry cross that is indica dominant, so she finishes quickly and produces a satisfying harvest of chunky nugs. She has emerged as a popular Afghan in recent years, a solid producer of resinous buds with strong effects. Coming from these parents, Nuken promises to be a real warhead of hassle-free indica meltdown.


The buds are not especially smelly when growing, yet Nuken’s finished smoke fills the mouth with an almost marshmallow type sweetness and a strong skunky green overtone. Her buzz is long lasting and quite strong, relaxing without being especially sleepy. It can be a good day or evening smoke, but probably not one for a work break. Nuken’s indica body radiation is best for chatting in your own imagination.

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