Buy lemon mac, Introducing a major player in the BC craft cannabis scene: Valley Craft Cannabis. Specializing in original genetics, high THC and big, plump, dare we say, juicy buds. One of the first offering from Valley Craft is the Big Mac strain.
The Lemon Mac combines the supreme genetics of Lemon Haze x Miracle Alien Cookies. Providing a very incredible Hazey euphoric high that lasts a very long time.

If you are a novice we recommend starting with less than you normally need. If you are an experience user you are in for one hell of a treat. This is a pure magic strain.

The effects of Lemon Mac have been described as relaxing the muscles while stimulating the mind and enhancing creative juices. Some have enjoyed this strain for tackling their hobbies as creativity has been sparked while others have liked to use it to lounge in front of the TV enjoying a nice film or even partaking in outdoor Winter and Summer activities.

Effects: FUN, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric
Medical: Stress, Depression, Anxiety

THC: 22%

CBD: 2%

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1 ounce(28grams), 1/8 pound(56grams), 1/4 pound(112grams), 1/2 pound(224grams), 1 pound(448 grams )


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