Learning More About Starter Kits

An e-cigarette kit is a package that usually contains all the necessary parts in one box. When all these parts are sold together, it creates a complete and ready-to-use vaping device. 

People often refer to it as a “starter” kit, indicating that it’s designed for smokers who are trying e-cigarettes for the first time. This type of kit is also sometimes called a beginner’s kit. 

Typically, a kit includes a battery, a clearomizer (which is the tank), one or more coils (the component that heats the e-liquid), a charger, and a user manual. However, the specific contents might vary depending on the manufacturer.

Why Opt for a Starter Kit

Starter kits are great because they’re really simple to use, and all the parts in them are designed to work perfectly together. Of course, you can also put together your own kit by choosing different parts from various brands. 

We often suggest ways to combine parts from different brands, as long as they’re compatible with each other. If you decide to make your own kit, just make sure the parts you pick work well together and fit properly. 

Besides being practical, putting together your own kit can also be cheaper. Sometimes, manufacturers lower the price of each component to make it more affordable when sold together. You can usually find starter kits for under 60 euros, for example.

How It Works

Using a kit is quite straightforward. Just make sure your battery is charged enough, then attach the clearomizer or atomizer to it by screwing it on. Check that the clearomizer has a coil inside and is filled with e-liquid.

Before you use it for the first time, read the user manual from the manufacturer. Once the clearomizer has e-liquid, wait a few minutes so the wick that soaks the coil is fully wet. 

Skipping this step can lead to a dry puff or dry hit, which can feel unpleasant in your throat and even create harmful compounds like aldehydes.

Lastly, if your model allows, start with lower battery power and gradually increase it until you get the vapor amount you prefer. 

Choosing the Right Kit

You want to consider the overall look and battery of a starter kit when choosing one. These factors matter since you’ll be holding the kit a lot. If a kit is too big, it’s not practical to carry around and might end up unused in a drawer.

However, the most vital part is the clearomizer which creates vapor when the battery sends its electric charge. Once people get used to a clearomizer, they usually stick with it. 

If it breaks, they often replace it with a similar one because it gives them the best vaping experience. This helps them fully switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

For a successful move from tobacco to e-cigarettes, finding the right clearomizer and e-liquid is key. Appearance, size, and battery life are important, but they should come second. Choosing a clearomizer that performs well is a crucial step.

Lastly, check if your clearomizer is for direct or indirect inhalation. If you’re new to vaping, go for an indirect inhalation clearomizer. It’s like smoking – first, you draw the vapor into your mouth, then into your lungs. 

Direct inhalation sends vapor straight into your lungs, like when you breathe. This method makes big clouds but might not be best for beginners who are ex-smokers. If you’re starting, it’s better to avoid direct inhalation clearomizers.

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